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What a joke !!!!!!
Golden piece of advice for obsessive serial sexual harassers.
When you are caught and someone has taken a screenshot of you doing terrible things what you do is come out in public saying your email and Facebook was hacked and make a sexual harassment redressal committee where people can write if they feel offended.
And, I am shocked to see how the photographic community at large is exceptionally quite about this whole thing. Moreover, some of them are even congratulating him for starting a committee like this. Wow ! Like really ? Bravo people !

This is all in defence of whatever this guy has done for so long in the name of promoting Indian or Asian photography without knowing jack shit. I am actually quite ashamed that I had helped him at one one point. Both of us knew him long back before he became who he is today.
Anyways, Its good if this committee or whatever it is called actually works and all the women who have been harassed can write to people.
This is a screenshot where he is saying that his electronic database including email and social media was compromised. And what a timing. All this he realised now only after feeling the heat and after Colin Pantall’s post: http://colinpantall.blogspot.in/2015/10/sexual-harassment-in-photography.html?m=1

Hope he learns something from all this. The photographic community at large has been extremely tolerant. And, if he changes it will be a good thing. I hope he takes all of this in the right way.


-Ronny Sen

I would like to thank Mr. R.K.Katyal, Director of Emaho Creation Pvt. Ltd for taking this very bold initiative towards preventing discrimination & sexual harassment in Photography.
I am not very sure what discrimination is being referred to here, but certainly hope that the sexual harassment aspect is dealt with strongly and the culprit(s) brought to the fore.
Everyone knows how guilty the said person is, people have seen screenshots of his doings, screenshots of his messages. The only reason why he is roaming around free, is cause no woman has gone public with the evidence.
-Arko Datto

his has been going on for a while now and at this point, not having done anything, I personally feel like an accomplice in this act. I and many around me have been aware of this situation – yet we move on, ignorant and excusing ourselves from getting involved because we need one of the people directly affected to stand up and make the accusation. They have all our support and if no one wants to stand up and say this out loud then we should all move on, stop bickering and embarrassing each other. Whoever knows these people should urge them to make a decision and if they decide to do so, we are here to offer our full support. If not, we should stop this here.
– Sumit Dayal

I believe that if this is shared widely enough at this point, it is going to send a strong message to those that should stand up that they are not alone and that they have our full support. also, in an industry which reeks of an absence of any form of support (seriously, can we even talk of photography being a viable industry at this point in time?) what is this full support that we speak of? perhaps it is time to enunciate tangibly what this support really is?

also on a related note, there is the pressing issue that there is no union body of any form to legitimately speak for the rights of photographers in this country. perpetrators would not be roaming around with impunity if we had one. such a body would be crucial in representing and lending the support that we speak of. perhaps it is time again to discuss this and bring it to the fore.
-Arko Datto

I have known at least four different women who have been, in their words, sexually harassed by this creep. At that time, they weren’t comfortable with me publicly shaming him, but I have spoken to a few now, and have seen screenshots.

Sexually harass several women and then claim that your account was hacked. While you are at it, also make a committee that ‘stands up’ against sexual harassment in photography. Irony much?
I have known of several incidents in which Manik Katyal, Editor in Chief or something like that, of Emaho Magazine, has allegedly sexually harassed women. That I have not spoken out earlier makes me feel, strangely enough, like an accomplice. But the silence wasn’t by choice, but because the women who had managed to ward him off, weren’t comfortable, at that time, about speaking out in public.
Probably, there is strength in numbers. This requires each one of us to speak up and share this widely, and more importantly, for the women who have suffered this creep, to come out and talk. The fraternity here will support you, I’m sure.
For someone who has no knowledge of photography—one had to explain him what Magnum Photos is and who the legends of documentary photography are in a workshop in 2012—it’s laughable how he is supposedly an opinionmaker, a so-called authority on some important panels and juries. But lack of photographic gravitas aside, it’s time that the international community, and the one back home, speaks out against someone who seems to be a habitual sexual offender.

– Raj Lalwani

We have been hearing about this for many months now. Good to see that this is finally being brought out in the open. Huge thanks @ Ronny Sen and everyone else for taking this up. It was high time. If some of us know people who have been harassed, it is proof enough. Full support from Madhuban and me, and seriously hoping it doesn’t end up only as a facebook thread. Wish we can translate this into some concrete action against the culpable. Hopefully, the whole artist/photography community here and elsewhere will respond, because the issue is not limited to the photographic community only.
– Manas Bhattacharya

Thanks for sharing this Ronny Sen – long has this charlatan (as a friend of mine keeps calling him) has charmed and gotten away with just a loud voice and some gas… This sexual harassment controversy and then the hypocrisy of the “committee” for its prevention should really be dealt with severely – this man should crawl under a rock and never emerge. I feel ashamed for helping him when he hounded me, so that he could get contacts and advice in order to “give a voice to Indian photography”
-Karan Vaid

We all have been hearing stories for a while now and its good that women are speaking up.. I have heard a lot of stories from friends about Manik Katiyal and things he has been saying to women photographers all over the world.. Some of them even have screen shots to prove this.. Evidence aside this committee does look like a desperate attempt to cover up his act .. I really hope all the organisations in the photography community start doing background checks before they bring people on board as juries .. Internet is a delusional place and a person might look good on paper and seem like they know everyone in the industry because they have photos with editors / curators but the reality can be very different.

– Asmita Parelkar

No one gives a shit about Manik Katyal! I don’t know what world he lives in thinking that he may be able to get away with all of this – running away into the mountains and claiming his account was hacked is bullshit. Issuing a sexual harassment policy with a bogus email is even more crappy. All the women need to know that, 1. you need to speak up because it’s important that this serial offender is tackled for good. 2. you only have all our support to do this as quietly and sensibly as possible and 3. no one and I mean no one has the right to judge you. Don’t be afraid to speak.
– Mansi Midha

DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK. Their is a huge community of people ready to stand behind you and support you.

What follows is an amalgamation of first hand accounts.

4 thoughts on “What is this ?”

  1. I was told about these issues of sexual harassment just about over a month or so ago and then I read Colin Pantall’s post. I didn’t know of any names (of women) back then and the post seemed incomplete and vague to me. But as days passed, I heard from women and friends confirming Manik’s absolutely unacceptable behaviour and harassment towards several women. And finally, a few days ago, a friend of mine (not a Photgrapher) told me how he had tried to use his position (supposedly as a photo editor) to comment rather disgustingly and offensively on her and directly to her. I am so so happy that women are coming out- I know how hard it is to do so and just to let everyone know that all of you have all of us for support. We will not tolerate this in our community, to begin with. We will take him down, especially more so now that he actually has the cheek to set up some sexual harassment committee to save his ass. This is not done.

    In solidarity with all who’ve faced any kind of harassment.

    – Paroma Mukherjee


  2. It’s a strange feeling to see the public trial of this ignorant, ego-maniac pervert. Many of us have long wished him dead and buried. But the silent consensus about his sway in the photography world, even among the most accomplished and well meaning of us, was the most baffling and disturbing phenomenon. Let this be a warning for all of us who work with this strange medium of illusions to not the fear the aura.
    – Nikhil Roshan


  3. There was a time when Mr Katyal had commissioned someone to interview photographers for his magazine. One of the questions sent via email was what do you think of Emaho’s initiative to promote creativity. I knew nothing of Emaho and Katyal and its promotion of ‘creativity’ and said so. The interview was never published. The whole thing was obviously a I’ll-scratch-your-back-and-you-scratch-mine affair. Sadly many senior photographers fell for it and wrote plaudits about Katyal in exchange.

    I dug out this exchange I had with his office intern about the ‘interview’..

    Hi there,
    Due to certain issues, we will not be able to publish the interview on its scheduled date. However, I would be more than glad to be able to meet you and conduct the interview once again sometime in the future. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you due to this.

    sanjay austa

    Thanks for your mail. I would be keen to know the `issues’. Manik seemed to suggest on a chat conversation with me that my praise of Emaho in my answer was not fulsome enough. “I was not happy with the answer”, he said. I find that preposterous and narcissistic . And if indeed that is the `issue’ then I would not want anything to do with the interview…
    Sanjay Austa.


  4. It was absolutely infuriating to read what this piece of shit had done to women photographers. It’s just not acceptable. He needs to be taken down and hard.The committee stunt he has come up with is just outright pathetic. Come forward, speak out and shame this serial offender. You have the support of the entire community.


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