What EMAHO taught me – Surabhi Chowdhury

I started interning with EMAHO, back in 2012. It seemed like such an interesting platform since I had wanted to get into photography, and after speaking to Manik Katyal on the phone, after connecting with him on Facebook, I thought that I am in for something that is going to help me build my plans better. And Katyal promised a lot.

Little did I know what he was up to, most of the times: “Hey, you free? Why don’t you come over to my place. There is beer in the fridge, and I am all alone.” Okay, it happened once, and I refused. Twice, I refused. Thrice, I refused. Fourth time, I had to make an imaginary boyfriend to lay him off. I thought he’d diminish my name in the industry before I could even make a name, since I thought he was very well connected to so many photographers, artists and musicians. So I just kept quiet and denied his advances. All this was via Facebook.

I met him once, in the company of a friend, and that friend himself told me that he felt the strangest vibes from Katyal. I did too. And I knew he was a disgusting man. I had to intern from home, thank God for that, but that never stopped Manik from saying things like: “So what if you have a boyfriend? I am just asking you to have sex. He doesn’t have to know.” Of course, my boyfriend was imaginary. But Manik Katyal wasn’t, unfortunately. He crossed the line when he asked me this. And I denied, as usual.

And I left EMAHO for good. I haven’t told people about this, ever. Always told them to stay away from this man. He deleted me off of his list on Facebook because I know, and he knows too, that he said stuff and wanted to do things that could land him in the bloody JAIL, but he’s still as disgusting, prune and a downright asshole. The only thing I learnt from EMAHO is to stay away from EMAHO and Manik Katyal. For good.

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