I worked as a graphic designer for Emaho in 2012.

I worked as a graphic designer for Emaho in 2012. I lived in Bombay at the time and I had never met the Manik. He was a demanding boss to say the least. I finally quit when I got another job and moved to Delhi. I was never on “friendly” terms with him. But, he knew I had moved to the same city as him so he kept messaging and calling under the pretext of work. So, I finally went to meet him after work. Being young, naive and alone in a new city, I was an easy target I guess. He offered me a drink. I said no. He coerced me into drinking saying “Don’t be a prude. Just relax!” Its scary how much it seems like a modus operandi now. He made a pass at me and I told him I’m uncomfortable. I do not want to do this. I told him I have a boyfriend. This is not okay. I said I want to leave. He said have another drink and he’ll drop me home. It got really late and I knew I couldn’t go back to the PG which was pretty far away. I had never felt so alone and scared. It was quite traumatic. I had cheated on my boyfriend. I was ashamed. I had bruises on my lips. I wish I could have done something then. All I ended up doing was blocking him on all my social media. That night, ruined my relationship. I felt disgusted with myself. I never thought he would ever be held accountable for his actions. I thought never letting myself get into such a situation would be enough. But, its not. I’m done being a bystander.

9 thoughts on “I worked as a graphic designer for Emaho in 2012.”

    1. I just want to say that this is such a brave effort. I once met manik through a common friend and I was going thru something that time. I got very drunk and he had to drop me back. He said he had to make a stop on d way at his apartment to get something but instead he took advantage of me having been drunk out of my mind. Granted I’m at fault here, but then he started harrassing me on fb and sending cheap msgs to me n my friend. I thought he’s a creep and I blocked him. I didn’t know that he has done this with several other women. I’m so proud of whoever started this blog


      1. You being drunk does not give someone else consent to take advantage of you. Not being able to say no, does not mean yes. Do not blame yourself even the tiniest for what he did. Just because you had a few too many drinks does not give another person the right to touch you in any way whatsoever.
        We shouldn’t have to live in a society in fear or always having to be vigilant and protecting ourselves and on the guard. Silence does does not mean yes.


  1. If it was rape you have my sympathy however when you say that “i had cheated on my boyfriend”, that is implying that you had sex consensually. Not once did you say that he forced himself on you.
    Also if a guy or anyone is forcing drinks you can choose to not drink it. You can always call a cab, police or your boyfriend to let them know of the situation, go to a hotel or a 24 hour cafe.
    If it was indeed rape and your boyfriend broke up with you for that reason, you should be glad he is not in your life anymore because that is a cowardly move. An educated and open minded guy who loves and respects you should stand by you and not leave you for being raped.


    1. Emily,
      Are you sure you know the law in case this woman was to put a police complaint? Why would even start with an “if”?
      This whole episode sounds more like Bill Cosby trial: calling young women to home, drinks (with who knows what in it) and then coercion for sex…


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