I worked with Manik as an intern in 2012

I worked with Manik as an intern in 2012. He had just started his magazine then but it was picking up well. He asked me to come over his house to discuss the internship and from talking about my work, he suddenly jumped to the topic of when had i last had sex and since I thought he was just trying to be cool and friendly I decided to tell him that it had been several months.

Next thing i know, he sat beside me on the bed and asked me if I’d like t give him a blow job. When I refused and resumed talking about my work. he pretended to take it nicely but since that moment, he started bossing me around. would bark orders and constantly remind me that i am incompetent or not doing well enough. If i ever mention the prospect of money, he always said I was not producing enough. fianlly when I threw in the towel, he had the gall to tell me that he won’t give me a good recommendation because I was tardy and basically talked back to him. i told him that I didn’t need his recommendation and he could keep it. I defreinded him and since then, never had any communication from him.

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